Gum treatment

Healthy gums are aesthetic and a crucial element of oral health. The combination of beautiful teeth and healthy gums lends your face a perfect smile.

Healthy gums are pale pink, they are not swollen and do not bleed when brushing one’s teeth.

Diseases of the gums and the periodontium tissue (periodontosis) are manifested by a dark red discoloration of the gums, which bleed when touched or when cleaning the teeth. Bad breath is also a common symptom.

In advanced stages, teeth may become loose and fall out.

As such diseases are generally painless, you should take the precaution of undergoing regular, thorough check-ups. The earlier periodontosis is treated, the better the chances of recovery.

Gum treatments are carried out at our clinic under local anaesthetic, according to modern, scientifically recognised methods. Such treatment is generally totally pain-free.

An even gentler option is treatment by means of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy

Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy involves the use of laser light to combat bacteria in cases of gum disease. This method of treatment is thus particularly gentle.

In order to remove films and bacteria, gum and bone pockets undergo professional cleaning. A blue-coloured solution, the so-called “photosensitizer”, is then applied to the gum and bone pockets. Its dye molecules adhere to the bacterial membrane, thus rendering the harmful bacteria visible. The dye responds to the laser light at a specific wavelength. When exposed  to the soft laser light, active oxygen forms. This damages the bacterial membrane, thereby destroying the bacteria.

Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy is painless and free of any side effects. The blue discoloration of the teeth and the soft tissue by the photosensitizer is also harmless and disappears of its own accord after a few hours. Laser treatment is also simple and fast. In many instances, this modern treatment method renders antibiotics or surgical measures unnecessary. The effect of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy has been scientifically proven.
Our team at the clinic has been specially trained to carry out this therapy.
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