Prophylaxis translates at our clinic as systematic prevention.
Professionally trained prophylaxis assistants and a dental hygienist attend to your dental health.
Regular prophylaxis measures will keep your teeth and gums healthy:

  • Professional teeth cleaning provides protection from bleeding gums and periodontosis. In conjunction with the “Airflow” technique, discolorations (resulting from coffee, tea, nicotine) are removed from your teeth.
  • Fluoridation treatments render the tooth enamel more resistant to caries.
  • Permanent infant teeth are protected from caries by sealants and fluoridation.

All prophylactic measures are tailored to your individual needs, so as to achieve the optimum results for you.

Zahnarzt Prophylaxe Mülheim – Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet

Patients who undergo prophylaxis on a regular basis benefit from our “5+ guarantee”.

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