Dental treatment under anaesthetic: The alternative for patients with an innate fear of dental practices

Around ten per cent of Germans suffer from a phobia of medium to high severity when it comes to visiting the dentist. These figures tally with our experience. We offer alternatives to the conventional treatment procedures, to ensure that you have well cared-for, healthy teeth despite your fear of visiting the dentist.

  • We offer in-depth preparatory discussions. Not in the dentist’s chair, but in the office. An opportunity to ask questions often provides an effective means of addressing your fear of the dentist.
  • Does your phobia about visiting the dentist stem from a fear of helplessness in the dentist’s chair or of pain? Both of these fears are fully understandable – and in both cases we can help you to feel at ease and relaxed.
  • If you want to feel at ease but without the use of anaesthetics: homeopathic treatments and hypnosis help many patients to overcome their fear of the dentist. We collaborate closely with a natural health professional in this area.
  • For some patients with a fear of the dentist, the most attractive option is to simply sleep through their dental treatment. This is no problem: before the treatment, we sedate you to induce a gentle twilight sleep so that you will be totally oblivious to the treatment.
  • Treatment under general anaesthetic (endotracheal anaesthesia or ITN) is also possible. This form of treatment is suitable not only for patients with a fear of the dentist, but for all patients who find major dental surgery too stressful.
  • For patients wishing to combine several items of treatment, a general anaesthetic is an effective alternative to a local anaesthetic. A general anaesthetic is appropriate when dental implants are to be fitted at several points in the jaw in a single session, for example.

All operations under general anaesthetic are carried out in our in-house operating section. Beds are also available to enable our patients to stay overnight under surveillance. Our team of anaesthetists attend to our patients who are afraid of dental treatment before, during and after the operation and monitor the patient’s condition to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the operation under anaesthetic.
Dental treatment under general anaesthetic: The operating wing at the Praxisklinik Clinic rooms: An anaesthetist attends to patients with a fear of dental treatment while they are under general anaesthetic and as they come round after their treatment.

Our dental treatment under anaesthetic consulting service: informations for patients with fear of dental practices

Dental practices under general anaesthetics off many advantages for patients with innate fear of dental practices. Your personal benefits depend on your individual treatment concept. As various treatment options often apply, our anaesthetics consultation service offers personal advice without any obligations on your part. Please let us know, if you require an impartial second opinion on any dentistry issue. Please arrange an appointment by calling us on (+49) (0)208/75 13 05 or send us an e-mail.

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