Implants for perfect dentures

Dental implants are artificial roots which grow to establish a firm hold in the jawbone. Dental implants provide perfect replacements for any quantity of lost teeth. After a certain healing period, which generally takes three months, new teeth can be attached to the implant, which may also referred to as an “artificial root.” Implants and specially produced dentures are barely distinguishable from real teeth in terms of their appearance and functions. Dental implants are consequently the support of choice today for dentures to replace lost teeth. Dental implants also feel perfectly comfortable, as the irritation which is often caused by conventional dentures is absent here.

Dental implants: The safe and gentle way to perfect dentures

Implants are fitted in the jawbone under local anaesthetic. Alternatively, implants can also be fitted in twilight sleep or under general anaesthetic. The most appropriate form of treatment depends on the number of implants to be fitted and the individual patient’s personal wishes regarding their dentures. We ensure that the fitting process is totally pain-free in all cases. As implantation is nearly always carried out without requiring hospitalisation today, our patients are able to resume their normal activities shortly after the operation. They then either wear their new implants with provisional, fixed dentures or, alternatively, implants and permanent dentures can be fitted in a single session. For wearers of full dentures, a small number of dental implants are sufficient to ensure absolutely firm-fitting dentures. This means a vast improvement in the quality of life.

Presentation of the implantation process

phases of implantation
To enable implants to be anchored permanently in the jawbone, adequate bone material must be available. If the available jawbone is too weak or insufficient bone is available at the implantation site, the jawbone has to be “built up”. This is carried out by means of artificial bone replacement materials or the patient’s own bone material. Depending on the individual situation, this grafting process may take place at the time of fitting the implants or in a preliminary operation. The implantation of artificial tooth roots is always preceded by a careful, in-depth examination, in the course of which the available bone material is assessed and the appropriate implant is determined according to the individual findings. Implants offer the most modern, hi-tech means of acquiring “new teeth” – the “cutting edge” of modern dentistry, as it were. In principle, any dentist may fit implants. Highly qualified specialists, such as Masters of Science, possess the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure ideal treatments every time, however.

Our dental implants consultation service: All you need to know for a well-informed decision

Dental implants offer many advantages. Your personal benefits depend on your individual treatment concept. As various treatment options often apply, our dental implants consultation service offers personal advice without any obligations on your part. Please let us know, if you require an impartial second opinion on any dentistry issue. Please arrange an appointment by calling us on (+49) (0)208/75 13 05 or send us an e-mail.

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