Aesthetic and restorative dentistry: Gleaming white teeth with AirFlow, bleaching, veneers, ceramic crowns & Co.

Modern-day dentistry enables teeth that may not be as bright and straight as one would like to be brought into line with individual ideals.
We at the Praxisklinik apply various mutually complementary techniques to this end. Methods such as bleaching or whitening to brighten up patients’ own teeth are particularly well known. Product names such as BriteSmile, LumiBrite or Enlighten are also synonymous with brightening up patients’ teeth at the dentist’s today. Whatever name the treatment may go by, teeth are always substantially whiter and brighter after bleaching.
Very gentle methods, such as AirFlow, are available for brightening dark or discoloured teeth. Where such methods prove insufficient, a special bleaching gel is used. In contrast to the teeth whiteners which are available by mail order, the professional processes applied to bleach, whiten and brighten teeth at our practice involve gentle and safe methods. In addition, professional teeth bleaching results in lasting whiteness and brightness.
Apart from teeth bleaching, we are also able to restore or copy the shape and aesthetics of natural, healthy teeth. This field of work extends from the eradication of minor flaws or small gaps between the teeth to the aesthetic restoration of rows of teeth in case of extensive tooth damage or tooth loss.

  • Composite fillings consist of mouth-compatible plastic and are adapted to the individual tooth colour. Intended bleaching or brightening of the teeth is incorporated into the planning for this treatment.
  • Ceramic inlays are tooth-coloured. They are cemented into the tooth and offer perfect aesthetics combined with excellent stability and durability.
  • Veneers • Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells which are cemented onto the front teeth to enable perfect restoration of the front teeth’s aesthetics. The patient’s own teeth are preserved. Veneers also provide us with a method of offering our patients markedly whiter and above all straighter teeth.
  • All-Ceramic crowns consist entirely of tooth-coloured ceramics and offer a transparency and translucence that renders them virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth. They fit perfectly into the front row of gleaming white teeth to produce an aesthetically perfect appearance.

The treatment methods presented here by way of example can be applied on their own or in combination, according to the needs of the individual situation. Missing teeth can be replaced by artificial tooth roots – so-called implants.

Optimal treatment methods such as teeth whitening will give you bright and white teeth after the treatment. In our practice clinic in Müllheim we use various techniques such as bleaching and whitening. After bleaching, the teeth are significantly whiter and brighter.

Our aesthetics consultation service: The ideal solution to meet your wishes

In our dental aesthetics consulting we take plenty of time to ascertain your wishes and offer you an individual solution. Such discussions are particularly useful when you intend to combine several items of treatment – such as brightening teeth AND closing gaps between teeth. Please also contact us if you require an impartial second opinion on any dentistry issue. For individual advice, please arrange an appointment by calling us on (+49) (0)208/75 13 05 or send us an e-mail.

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