Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet:
Over 30 years of innovation in dentistry

It was in 1986 that Drs. Raymond Metz laid the foundations for the Praxisklinik which today is known well beyond Mülheim’s city limits. He opened his first dental practice in Mülheim-Dümpten, designed according to the latest scientific findings.

One of the first practices with two dentists in attendance opened in 1994. Dr. Michael Heller and Drs. Metz realised the vision of a highly specialised clinic offering a range of services extending from prophylaxis through an in-house dental laboratory to dental operations under general anaesthetic.Their aim was to provide the very highest quality of treatment and pool the full spectrum of dental services under one roof.

Patients enjoyed safe and gentle treatment in accordance with the very latest standards, combined with the personal care of the attending dentist.Additional dental specialists joined the practice over the years. As a result, patients now benefit from a high degree of specialisation and a broad-ranging team which is able to discuss which solutions are most suitable for patients.

A brief history of the practice:

2016 The team is celebrating its 30 years anniversary.
2016 Praxisklinik now works with eight specialists for dental hygiene and prophylaxis. Dr. Elena Walters’s position ist taken over by Simin Abazari.
2015 Dr. med. dent. Heike Wegener works with the Praxisklinik team
2014 Dr. med. dent. Julia Thissen starts work with the Praxisklinik team in June
2013 Herbert Schwarz joins the Praxisklinik as an orthodontic specialist
2012 The Praxisklinik acquires a separate area for prophylaxis and orthodontics. The number of treatment rooms increases to 12
2012 Dr. Kathrin Bongartz joins the Praxisklinik team as its seventh dentist
2011 The Praxisklinik team celebrates its 25-year anniversary
2011 Dentist Melanie Rain bolsters the team, which now boasts six dentists
2011 Dr. Michael Heller receives his second MSc degree. He is now a “Master of Science for Oral Surgery” and a “Master of Science for Implantology”
2010 All the dentists at the Praxisklinik now hold a “Master” or “Fachzahnarzt” (Dental Specialist) title in addition to their other qualifications, guaranteeing dentistry of the very highest standard
2010 A study is carried out at the Praxisklinik for the University of Utrecht on the subject of “Effects of prophylaxis among children on plaque and tooth decay”
2009 Dr. Helge Alfers MOM becomes a partner of Praxisklinik Metz • Heller • Alfers
2009 Dr. Burkhard Goerigk joins the Praxisklinik as an orthodontic specialist
2008 The Praxisklinik attains Dental High Care certification
2005 Dr. Helge Alfers and Dr. Elena K. Walter are recruited to the team. The practice moves to its present-day location in Saarn, henceforth covering the entire spectrum of dentistry as the Praxiklinik
2005 Dr. Michael Heller becomes a “Master of Science for Implantology”. Drs. Raymond Metz obtains the additional qualification of “Master of Science for Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry”
2000 The Praxisklinik is the first practice in Germany to receive certification for its quality management
1996 Metz & Heller becomes one of the first practices to integrate an in-house laboratory
1994 The one-man practice expands to become Mülheim’s first dental practice with two dentists. Dr. Michael Heller joins Drs. Raymond Metz to develop the innovative, pioneering concept that lays the foundations for today’s Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet
1990 Drs. Metz completes an international course of further training in implantology and extends his field of expertise to include this additional focal area of work under the auspices of the German Society for Dental Implantology (DGZI)
1986 Dominique Metz develops the first programme of prophylactic treatment modelled on international standards
1986 Drs. Raymond Metz opens his first practice in Mülheim-Dümpten