Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet:
From 1994 one of the first dental surgery in Mülheim with two dentists

In 1986, Drs. Raymond Metz laid the foundation stone for the practice clinic that is now known beyond Mülheim’s city limits. He opened his first own dental practice in Mülheim-Dümpten, designed according to the latest scientific findings.

In 1994 one of the first dental practices with several dentists was established there. With Drs. Metz, Dr. Michael Heller implements the vision of a highly specialised practice clinic whose services range from prophylaxis to an in-house dental laboratory to dental surgery under general anaesthesia. Their goal: highest quality in treatment and all dental services under one roof.

The advantages for the patient: safe and gentle care according to the latest findings, combined with personal on-site care by the dentist. Over the years, further dental specialists have been added: Patients benefit from a high degree of specialisation and the opportunity for dentists to consult with each other on which solution is best for the patient.

Dental practice Mülheim in the forum Mülheim with the health fair in October 2007Dental Practice Mülheim im Mülheim-Saarn: The Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet has existed for over 25 years Dental practice Mülheim in the Mülheim Saar: The practice hospital Ruhr district is certified to the Dental High Care.

A brief history of the practice:

2020 The dental practice and dental clinic are merged into Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum Metz Heller Alfers GmbH. As first dental practice in Mülheim, the Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet utilizes the possibilities of this future-oriented solution.
2019 The team celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Praxisklinik.
2018 The Prophylaxis Team of the Practice Clinic grows to nine specialists.
2016 The Praxisklinik’s prophylaxis team grows to eight specialists.
2015 Dr. med. dent. Heike Wegener joins the team as the ninth dentist. For the first time, more female than male dentists work in the team.
2014 Dr. med. dent. Julia Thissen (born as Knotte) becomes the eighth dentist in the Practice Clinic.
2013 Herbert Schwarz has been responsible for Orthodontics at the clinic since the turn of the year.
2012 The Praxisklinik receives a separate area for Prophylaxis and Orthodontics. The number of treatment rooms rises to twelve.
2012 Dentist Dr. med. dent. Kathrin Bongartz joins the team of the Praxisklinik as the seventh dentist.
2011 Dentist Melanie Schoel joins the team of six dentists.
2011 Dr. Michael Heller completes a second Master’s degree. He now holds the additional degrees “Master of Science for Oral Surgery” and “Master of Science for Implantology”.
2010 All dentists at the Praxisklinik now hold the additional title of “Master” or “Specialist Dentist” and thus guarantee Dental Medicine at the highest level.
2010 A study by the University of Utrecht on the “Effects of child prophylaxis on Plaque and Caries” is carried out in the Practice Clinic.”
2009 Dr. Helge Alfers MOM becomes partner of the Praxisklinik Metz – Heller – Alfers.
2009 Dr. Burkhard Goerigk complements the Praxisklinik as a specialist dentist for Orthodontics.
2008 The Praxisklinik is certified as Dental High Care Center.
2005 Dr. Helge Alfers and Dr. Elena K. Walter strengthen the team. The practice moves to its present domicile in Saarn and offers the entire spectrum of dentistry as a practice clinic with four dentists.
2005 Dr. Michael Heller completes a Master’s degree in “Master of Science for Implantology”. At the same time, Drs. Raymond Metz also holds a Master of Science degree in Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry.
2000 The clinic is the first practice in Germany to be certified for its quality management.
1996 As one of the first practices, the dentists Metz & Heller integrate their own Practice Laboratory.
1994 One of the first Mülheim dental practices with two dentists emerges from the individual practice, the starting point for today’s Praxisklinik Ruhrgebiet: Dr. Michael Heller joins and develops the innovative, pioneering concept with Drs. Raymond Metz.
1990 Drs. Metz completes an international advanced training course in Implantology and acquires the additional Focus of Activities of DGZI.
1986 Dominique Metz designs the first prophylaxis programme based on an international system.
1986 Drs. Raymond Metz opens his first dental practice in Mülheim-Dümpten.
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